Planning & Preparation

When planning and preparing, there are many things you need to consider:
  • From start to finish how long will the process take?
  • What is the total scope of the kitchen or bathroom renovation?
  • Will you need new cabinets, new floors, new counter tops and new appliances?
  • Are mechanical changes required? Plumbing, electrical etc?

  • Function & Ergonomics

  • Should cabinets be taller and to the ceiling for increased storage?
  • Full access to the base cabinets with pullout drawer banks.
  • Identifying how you work in the the kitchen.
  • Are their two cooks?
  • Are there physical challenges that need to be accommodated?
  • Countertops have a wide range of cost from simple post-formed laminates to granite, quartz & corian. Its important that the attributes too these tops are all explained as they have great merits. This will affect the budget accordingly.
  • Appliance information is important to the kitchen designer who will need to provide appropriate cabinetry to accommodate your existing or new appliances.
  • Flooring is another vital component of a new kitchen. a decision whether the flooring is to be installed prior to the cabinets needs to be determined. the type of flooring may dictate this and accommodations to the planning process will need to be addressed.
  • It is recommended that only licensed qualified plumbing and electricians be used.

  • Formalize a Budget

    Only you know the amount of financial resources available for your new kitchen. The budget process is one of the important aspects of all kitchen renovations. Many home owners are reluctant to share this information for fear they will be taken advantage of. In reality it helps the designer work within your guidelines and determines how your objectives can be met.

    Begin The Design Process

    The design of your kitchen is all about you and your needs. It's important to identify what your wants and needs are. Choosing a wonderful door style and finish is important. However the kitchen must be functional and be designed around your lifestyle. Accept there are many compromises along the way.

    Understand The Process

    Now that all the hard work in preparing for the new kitchen has been accomplished the process can begin. The design has been achieved, the kitchen has been ordered and dependent on the length of time required to manufacture the cabinets. The project is under way.

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